Photography is one of those speciality services that has such a broad range of features and options that just choosing any old photographical service might not quite cut it – especially if you have more exclusive needs in mind. These days anyone with a camera can consider themselves a photographer, but the truth is that an experienced agency will often be far more capable than an individual behind a lens. There are many different photography services & types – so many in fact, that categorising them all can be quite challenging.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common types, what they involve and who may be ideally suited to provide them.

Wedding Photography

Some of the most common reasons to hire a photographer relate to weddings and celebrations. Wedding photographers can often be hired singularly, or as part of a team. Depending on the size of the event, the number of photographers might differ.

Sports Photography

Many sports photographers will attempt to capture iconic moments within football matches, during games of golf, or when large cricketing events are taking place. These professionals will often sell their work to a publication (either physical or online). They can also be hired to capture events such as college football and so on.

Events Photography

If you have a birthday party (or any type of special event for that matter), then a dedicated events photographer can be the ideal expert to hire. They will often bring their own custom t-shirt printing equipment to ensure as much footage is captured as possible – and as they can be hired singularly or as part of a team, you can all but guarantee that your special event will be covered to provide memories well into the future.

Publishable Photography

When it comes to newsletters, magazines and other promotional activities, a published landscape photographer might be more ideally suited than another variant. Some photographers specialise in particular events and those that have the camera and equipment to do so for publication purposes will often be hotly sought after, due to their skills and expertise.